Klezmer for Peace – Giora Feidmann Sextet in Mainz englisch version

For decades Giora Feidmann has been enchanting his fan base with warm and radiant clarinet tones. In January 2019, the musician started his new tour, along with musicians from Israel and Turkey. His „Klezmer for Peace“ program focuses on intercultural dialogue. We were allowed to accompany its start in Mainz with our camera.

Klezmer for Peace – Giora Feidmann Sextett in Mainz

Mit warmen und gleichzeitig strahlenden Klarinettentönen verzaubert Giora Feidmann seit Jahrzehnten seine Fangemeinde. Im Januar 2019 hat der Musiker seine neue Tournee gestartet, zusammen mit Musikern aus Israel und der Türkei. Das Programm „Klezmer for Peace“, hat den interkulturellen Dialog im Fokus. Beim Auftakt in Mainz konnten wir mit der Kamera dabei sein.



In the pure clear air of Crete the honey bees are doing well. From ancient times bee keeping is quite popular there. The many aromatic herbs deliver honey full of flavour. With its wonderful smell especially the thyme-honey reminds of sun and summer. We visited a family who cares affectionally for their bees. By looking consequent for the needs of the animals  they can follow a natural way of bee-keeping and reduce the use of pharmaceuticals to a minimum.